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“It’s no ‘small thing’ when our company changes vendors or contractors who are involved with any part of our final product. Today, we can honestly say that it was a ‘great thing’ when we abandoned our former (inconsistent quality) plastics injection molding, NJ services and moved over to your company’s outstanding services over a year ago. As you know, we rely heavily on contractor flexibility when we have a need for custom injection molding, NJ (and NY)  orders, and we have to say your personnel(from reception to the factory floor) are all ‘batting 1000’ in the ‘custom’ order and every other department. It’s our impression that our former thermoplastic injection molding, NJ vendor had begun to take our business for granted, and top quality work ceased to be a priority. Now that we know your company and its exceptional people so well, we’re confident that your top quality services will never vary. Thanks to all from all of us!


 “It has now been a little over two years since we switched to your company for our plastics injection molding, NY services, and we should let you know that we have finally stopped ‘holding our breath’. We’ll never forget our experience with the thermoplastic injection molding, NY services that preceded yours or how devastating it can be when an entire order is of unacceptable quality (our 24/7assembly line can grind to a screeching halt). We now feel confident that such an experience is permanently behind us, which means the consistent quality of your company’s plastics injection molding, NY contracting assures us that you have a genuine commitment to excellence. Further, when it comes to our occasional, custom injection molding, NY requests, your factory floor retools in record time with the same outstanding product quality results. We know we’ve thanked a lot of your people personally, but we just wanted to express our gratitude in writing. Congratulations on a job ‘perfectly’ done”!


“While our secretaries, accountants, and other workers at our company don’t know a ‘hill of beans’ about plastics injection molding, NJ or NY (an integral part of why these people have a job), our factory floor experts know an exceptional thermoplastic injection molding, NJ result when they see it. This is sort of a ‘roundabout’ way to let you know that our move over to your company’s plastics injection molding, NJ was one of the smartest moves we’ve made in years. We (all of us who know what our company actually ‘does’) also want to say thank you for your exceptional, custom injection molding, NJ services that we truly believe to be second to none in quality, as well as offering lightning fast retooling that saves everybody time and money. In short, we wouldn’t think of going anywhere else for our plastics injection molding, NJ services. So, we hope your company will be around for a good long while”!


“Your company’s plastics injection molding, NY services had been recommended to us (in an odd way) by a competitor, so we had first wondered if they were trying to set us back a step or two. Once we discovered this competitor also used your company’s truly outstanding, thermoplastic injection, NY services, we felt better about the recommendation (particularly because it had come, sort of ‘on the sly’ from the wife of one our top execs). Maybe ‘more’ reason to be suspicious? No, we’re just kidding, but we’re dead serious when we say that your company’s plastics injection molding, NY services are the best we’ve seen in this region over the last 30 years. We also want to thank your custom injection molding, NY project leaders because they truly are among the best (and fastest) in the business today. We know we’ve said it before, but we just wanted to say it again – thanks for the best thermoplastic injection molding, NY services we’ve ever enjoyed”!